• crypto-savvy regulators
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    Bitcoin’s hat trick: Crypto-savvy leaders coming to all three U.S. regulators

    With the Gary Gensler at the SEC, Chris Brummer at the CFTC, and Michael Barr at the OCC, the cryptocurrency industry will face regulators who understand it

    The third week of the year will very likely prove to be its most significant for cryptocurrency innovators and investors. Crypto scored a hat trick with news that President Joe Biden’s three top financial regulators—the chairmen of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and the bank-overseeing Comptroller of the Currency—will all be intimately familiar with the cryptocurrency and blockchain business.

  • Celsius reaches $5.3B assets

    Crypto lender Celsius Network reaches $5.3B in assets, up 10x in 12 months

    Alex Mashinsky’s DeFi firm saw massive growth amid the recent bull market, calling crypto’s maturation a further growth driver

    “The crypto industry as a whole grew substantially in 2020,” said Celsius Network's CEO Alex Mashinsky. “As we see record numbers of institutions and retail users entering the space, they are looking for a store of value and yield to protect their assets from the debasement of the U.S. dollar."

  • Celsius Network reaches $2.2 billion
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    Celsius Network doubles its holdings in six months, reaching $2.2B

    The crypto lending and interest-earning firm believes that its growth proves that “interest income is the new killer app for crypto.”

    Celsius’ asset under management just surpassed $2.2 billion—after the firm reportedly became the first crypto platform to surpass $1 billion in total assets under management earlier this year

  • Blockchain Capital’s Jimmy Song speaking at the Bitcoin 2019 Crypto PR Lab afterparty (photo by Martine Paris).

    Crypto pundits are unfazed by market volatility

    A look at the halving, the whale, and the Bitcoin faithful

    Martine Paris talked with crypto pundits, Jimmy Song, venture partner at Blockchain Capital and author of Programming Blockchain; Alex Frenkel, GM of Kin Ecosystem; Michael Terpin, CEO of Transform Group and co-founder of BitAngels; and Alex Mashinsky, founder and CEO of Celsius Network. What follows are their views on the likely causes of the wild parabolic swings.