• bitcoin trillion JPMorgan economic sideshow

    As Bitcoin breaks into trillion-dollar club, JPMorgan calls it an ‘economic sideshow’

    The bank’s analysts believe that Bitcoin is becoming a more cyclical asset, turning the cryptocurrency into the ‘poorest hedge’ against a stock market downturn

    Despite that, JPMorgan’s “Digital transformation and the rise of fintech: Blockchain, Bitcoin and digital finance 2021” concluded that “Bitcoin is here to stay as an 'alternative' currency.” According to the Feb. 18 report, current Bitcoin prices greatly exceed JPMorgan’s estimates of its fair value, based on mining costs and its risks compared with gold.

  • Bitcoin eating world Raoul Pal
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    Bitcoin is ‘basically eating the world’: Renowned investor Raoul Pal

    The Real Vision founder said that Bitcoin is attracting so much attention he has ‘become irresponsibly long’ BTC, ETH, and a few other cryptos

    “Bitcoin is destroying all other assets in the world, and I have never seen this before in my career where an asset has drawn the attention of the likes of Elon Musk and mainstream institutions like no other asset," Pal said. Compared to gold, he added, Bitcoin’s “fixed supply along with its scarcity and its behavioral incentive explains its growth.”

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    Bitcoin awareness still lags among Blacks, Hispanics and women: Report

    A survey found 80% of white respondents are aware of Bitcoin, compared to 66% of Hispanic and 61% of Black participants. Women also lag

    Data showed that 78% of male survey respondents reported being aware of Bitcoin, compared to 71% of females. While that’s surprisingly good, given crypto’s reputation for being male-dominated, the numbers were far worse when it came to actual involvement in the cryptocurrency world. When limiting the sample to respondents who called themselves engaged with Bitcoin, the company found the numbers were 86% male to 14% female.

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    Bitcoin likely to go ‘considerably higher’: Investing star Bill Miller

    A day after calling bitcoin ‘rat poison’ for cash Miller said that the cryptocurrency ‘gets less risky the higher it goes’

    When an interviewer asked Miller if he is as excited about the coin as he was in early November, when it was worth under $15,000, he answered, “absolutely. One of the things that’s interesting about Bitcoin is that it gets less risky the higher it goes, and that’s the opposite of what happens with most stocks.”