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    MARKETS REPORT This Week in Bitcoin: Stocks and gold spark battle of bulls and bears

    Macro shifts set the scene for Bitcoin price fluctuations which took BTC/USD to near $9,500 and all the way back down.

    Bitcoin has gone from bearish to bullish and back again this week. With price action dictated by macro assets — gold and equities — traders and analysts have had to weigh a basket of positives and negatives.

  • Bitcoin Realized Volatility Bear Market
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    Bitcoin Hash Rate Hits Record as Realized Volatility Mimics 2018 Bear Market

    A mixed bag of fundamentals presents a varied picture about the future of Bitcoin markets in the face of continued weak price action

    Bitcoin fundamentals suggest that its 2020 lows are behind it — but one indicator is flashing alarmingly bearish as volatility fades from the market.

  • Bitcoin price rally tracks stocks

    Monday Bitcoin price rally tracks stocks, hides weak performance

    Bitcoin still dances to the tune of macro markets; analyst predicts BTC $190,000 if the S&P 500 cracks 4,000

    A push to $9,200 fuelled by stock market optimism hides otherwise weak price performance in Bitcoin, with no end to the correlation in sight. Bitcoin faces a major test at the start of a new week’s trading, as an unlikely global stock market rally contrasts with rising uncertainty over COVID-19.

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    This is not a drill: Cryptocurrencies are crashing

    The dreaded c-word can now be applied to some of the largest cryptocurrencies

    With the major selloff in cryptocurrencies Tuesday, it’s time to call it what it is: a crash. Although prices are still generally higher than where they were only a couple of months ago, five of the six largest cryptocurrencies are down by 40 percent or more from their all-time highs, including the market leader, Bitcoin. Ethereum is off by 24 percent. Tuesday’s declines were attributed to a drop in volume from South Korea and Japan as an internal memo at China’s central bank calling for further crackdowns on cryptocurrencies was reported by Reuters. Currency Price (as of 17:20 UTC on 1/16/18) All-Time High All-Time High Date % Difference Days Bitcoin (BTC)…