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    Bitcoin briefly dips below $40,000

    Bill Miller allocates 50% of portfolio towards Bitcoin In his WealthTrack interview last Friday, Bill Miller shared his thoughts on Bitcoin. At the end of the interview, the long time value investor states that Bitcoin provides a “service of insurance against financial catastrophe that no one else can provide.” He then stated that he has allocated 50% of his investment portfolio into Bitcoin and other Bitcoin related assets, like MicroStrategy. He claims to now be a Bitcoin bull instead of just an observer. Even with the current fear in the market over Bitcoin, he is still bullish in the long-term. Store of wealth Many who buy Bitcoin view it as…

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    Markets Report: Analyst predicting $37K Bitcoin’s ‘ultimate bottom’

    While institutions keep happily buying the dip, a failure to recapture $50,000 this week means that bulls are not out of the woods

    Bitcoin has spent a week circling $50,000 as endless positive news from institutions contrasts with a lack of upward price momentum. With all-time highs still out of reach, commentators have been asking themselves what would be needed to reignite the bull market which has characterized most of 2021.

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    MARKETS REPORT This Week in Bitcoin: Stocks and gold spark battle of bulls and bears

    Macro shifts set the scene for Bitcoin price fluctuations which took BTC/USD to near $9,500 and all the way back down.

    Bitcoin has gone from bearish to bullish and back again this week. With price action dictated by macro assets — gold and equities — traders and analysts have had to weigh a basket of positives and negatives.

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    Bitcoin Hash Rate Hits Record as Realized Volatility Mimics 2018 Bear Market

    A mixed bag of fundamentals presents a varied picture about the future of Bitcoin markets in the face of continued weak price action

    Bitcoin fundamentals suggest that its 2020 lows are behind it — but one indicator is flashing alarmingly bearish as volatility fades from the market.