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    BlackRock CIO Rick Rieder argues Bitcoin could replace gold

    The chief investment officer of the world’s largest asset management firm admits he cannot estimate Bitcoin’s value, but recognizes that it may be a better store of value than gold

    The chief investment officer at the world’s top asset manager, BlackRock, argued that Bitcoin may be a better store of value than gold. “It's hard to say whether it's worth the price it is trading at today. But do I think it is a durable mechanism that—do I think could replace gold to a large extent? Yeah I do, because it's so much more functional than passing a bar of gold around.”

  • Coinbase Pro gas fees

    Put crypto to work, says Coinbase’s Brian Armstrong in Consensus 2019 panel with Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson

    Coinbase Pro now has $1 billion under management according to Armstrong

    It’s time for cryptocurrency investors to stop hoarding and start putting their digital assets to work. That was one message Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong offered attendees at Coindesk’s Consensus 2019 conference in New York on May 15.

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    Cryptos rally on very old BlackRock news

    Financial News reports story that has been around for year; crypto enthusiasts use it as excuse to buy more

    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rallied more that 5 percent on Monday but it was off of very old news. Earlier in the day, Dow Jones’ Financial News reported on the existence of a working group at the $6.3 trillion asset manager, titling the piece, “BlackRock begins exploration of bitcoin”. That was followed by a Reuters interview with CEO Larry Fink saying the company was “evaluating cryptocurrencies.” However, none of this is actual new. That’s because BlackRock’s Blockchain Labs has been around for a few years. On YouTube, one can even view a presentation by George Kouzmov, a member of the working group, talk for a full hour to a London…

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