• The Giving Block crypto donation
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    Make Bitcoin Tuesday a time for giving

    Crypto donation firm The Giving Block is launching a new donations campaign on Dec. 1

    The Dec. 1 fundraising campaign aims to “recreate the magic” of the 2017 Pineapple Fund, and is greatly aided by the fact that the number of charities and nonprofits accepting donations directly in BTC has jumped 10 time since 2019, from 12 to more than 120. That includes some big-name charities, including Save the Children, No Kid Hungry and The American Cancer Society.

  • Ransomware hackers donate to charity

    Ransomware hackers donate $10,000 of crime proceeds to charity

    A ransomware group donated its ill-gotten Bitcoin to two charities, but one has already announced that it does not intend to keep the donation

    A cybercriminal organization known as Darkside posted receipts for $10,000 in Bitcoin donations to two charities. Darkside published the donation complete with tax receipts for the donation of 0.88 BTC to The Water Project and Children International.

  • Crypto donation platform launch
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    Crypto donation platform seeks to help charities regain trust, boost funds, attract young donors

    GiveSafely.io aims to entice younger consumers to start donating—spurred on by research suggesting they’re more open to being approached by good causes

    A big challenge that’s often associated with charitable giving lies in how well-intentioned consumers can end up being bombarded with calls and emails afterward. GiveSafely.io aims to change this by ensuring their data is secured on the Ardor blockchain—and confidential information is only passed on with the donor’s consent.