• Stephen Colbert

    Stephen Colbert announces Ripple’s $29 million donation to fund school classroom projects

    Biggest donation in the nonprofit’s history has the host giddy, but that doesn’t mean he wants you to explain blockchain again

    On Tuesday, late night television host Stephen Colbert announced that Ripple and its executives donated over $29 million to fund every single teacher request on the school crowdfunding site DonorsChoose.org. “Please don’t explain blockchain to me,” the comedian joked as he broke the big news taping CBS’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The announcement took place to a cheering crowd in place of one of Colbert’s signature charity-plugs. Only this time, instead of asking people to donated funds, he asked them to join him in celebrating the milestone for DonorsChoose.org. The website is a platform where teachers can present a project for their classroom and ask for supplies, pens,…