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    US sues BTC-e exchange owner Alexander Vinnik for $100 million

    The FinCEN lawsuit comes in addition to criminal charges alleging money laundering for drugs and cryptocurrency exchange hackers

    Alleging violations of the Bank Secrecy Act, the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) filed a civil suit against BTC-e founder Alexander Vinnik on July 25, seeking to recover more than $88 million in customer funds from the exchange and $12 million in from Vinnik personally.

  • The National Assembly of France, where the country's laws are made (via Shutterstock).

    New French law allows crypto investments in major retirement savings plans

    Financial newspaper Les Echos reports French assurance vie accounts, used mainly for long-term savings, will be able to accept digital assets

    The French financial publication Les Echos is reporting that a new law passed on April 11 allows French savers to invest in cryptocurrencies in their “assurance vie” life insurance accounts, which are used mainly as medium- to long-term savings vehicles aimed at retirement.

  • Pascal "PBoy" Boyart's version of "Liberty Leading the People" is chock full of crypto stuff (via Reddit).

    Anonymous donor gives 1 BTC to French artist/Bitcoin fan using QR code on artwork

    Pascal Boyart is a graffiti artist and crypto enthusiast

    A French street artist claims an anonymous donor surprised him by tipping 1 BTC—worth around $3,971—Monday night. Paris-based artist Pascal Boyart, who goes by the name “PBoy,” is also a crypto enthusiast and has been adding QR codes with his Bitcoin address for sometime. “He is also the first to have hidden digital currency in his frescoes,” his personal site claims. A perusal of his address’ page on Blockchain.com shows he was only modestly successful, taking in just a couple of hundred dollars worth of bitcoins since November 2017.