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    Crypto’s Illness: Regulatory Reluctance

    Pending court decisions challenge SEC’s failed ‘regulation by enforcement’ strategy

    The U.S. crypto industry has been learning a rough lesson in regulatory compliance in the past few months. With fines, cease and desist orders, agency warnings, and traditional finance counterparties withdrawing from the industry, it is becoming increasingly apparent that crypto has a compounding problem. Press play to hear a narrated version of this story, presented by AudioHopper. The origin of this isn’t FTX, Voyager Digital, Terra Luna, or any other of the business failures or frauds of 2022. Those are symptoms of another disease. The sickness that’s causing crypto to fumble in front of U.S. regulators and counterparties goes all the way back to the founding principles of Bitcoin…

  • Compound Interest

    Big Sports Getting Into Crypto

    How Exchange Platforms are Capitalizing on Sports Partnerships

    With the pandemic severely hurting ticket sales in the past two years, sports teams and franchises need new ways to generate new revenue. Several exchange platforms have been perfectly capitalizing on this opportunity presented to them, making deals for millions to hundreds of millions of dollars.  Crypto.com, a large exchange platform with more than 90 coins listed, has been one of the main companies focusing on partnering with big names in sports. They made a $175 million, 10 year deal, which also happens to be UFC’s biggest sponsorship to date. Fighters wear merchandise with the website name “Crypto.com” made very visible and you can also see the website name written…

  • FTX launches tokenized shares
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    FTX pairing tokenized tech shares with cryptocurrencies

    Fractional stocks can make gaining exposure to equities less expensive, as traders don’t need to purchase a whole share

    The crypto derivatives exchange FTX will soon offer tokenized shares of some of the world’s biggest companies—including Tesla, Apple, Amazon and Alphabet. From next week, fractionalized versions of these tech stocks will be paired against Bitcoin and stablecoins, opening the stock market to a new sub-section of investors.

  • eToro buy crypto news

    When should you buy the crypto news?

    Almost by definition, significant developments have a significant impact on token prices. But which ones should you buy? A new eToro report has answers

    If you’re looking to lock in a quick profit on a cryptocurrency investment, jump into any token as soon as possible after a token burn is announced. The chance of a price increase after one day is a perfect 100%, according to a study released by social trading and brokerage firm eToro on Oct. 14. But jump in quickly. After a week, that’s down to just 50%.