• Mariner Wealth Advisors

    Mainstream financial giant Mariner Wealth Advisors to start offering Bitcoin

    The firm’s customers will have access to the Eaglebrook Bitcoin SMA, which will see them directly own BTC in insured Gemini Custody accounts

    The firm explains that financial advisors’ demand for Bitcoin has increased due to current trends, which include “growth in investment demand from millennials and institutional investors, Bitcoin’s potential as an inflation hedge in response to monetary stimulus and the asymmetric upside of the investment.”

  • Regulation

    Gemini launches captive insurance firm

    The Winklevoss-owned crypto trading platform has launched its own in-house insurance unit, which will allow it to transfer some risk to reinsurance companies

    Winklevoss-owned Gemini Trust Company has launched its own in-house insurance unit to protect client’s funds against loss.