• The Case against Craig Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto
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    The Case against Craig Wright, Part I (2009-2011)

    A #Faketoshi hobbyist walks us through the details behind accusations that Craig Wright lied and forged proofs that he is Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto

    The problem is that people who claim Craig Wright is a fraud are mostly disorganized. So today we are just going to put it all out on the table. For that we look to Arthur van Pelt, a Dutch "bitcoin entrepreneur" who spends his free time digging for information that will debunk Wright's claim to be Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

  • Craig Wright talks to Brendan Sullivan of Modern Consensus via Skype.

    Craig Wright eviscerates everything: The Modern Consensus interview

    The man who could be Satoshi Nakamoto does a lot of swearing about socialism, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Trump’s wall, Steve Jobs turtlenecks, and why he can’t get into the US

    A decade ago—on January 12, 2008—the first Bitcoin transaction went from “Satoshi Nakamoto” to Hal Finney. Those 10 years were an explosive time where an industry went from a shared PDF to a $500 billion marketplace and now back down to about $125 billion.

  • Bitcoin and the Grim Reaper may have a closer relationship than anyone would like (via Shutterstock).

    The Genesis Curse: Some of Bitcoin’s earliest adopters met grisly ends

    Ten years after the first Bitcoin transaction, only one its original founders ever spoke about how it happened

    Ten years ago, on January 12, 2008, the first Bitcoin transaction appeared on the blockchain. Satoshi Nakamoto, the still unknown founder of Bitcoin, sent a test transaction of 10 bitcoins to a cryptographer named Hal Finney. At the time, Finney also ran an early version of Bitcoin mining software in the background on his computer. Both the first transaction and the bitcoins he mined in the background on his old computer are worth about $219,000 at today’s prices.