• Kucoin $285M hack recovered insured

    KuCoin hack’s $285M recovered or insured: CEO Johnny Lyu

    The exchange’s CEO said that all but $44.5 million worth of the stolen crypto was retrieved with help from other exchanges; otherwise it was a great year

    According to an open letter by CEO Johnny Lyu, a collaboration between KuCoin, its partners and other cryptocurrency exchanges allowed the firm to recover 78% of the losses—equivalent to $222 million—while cooperation with law enforcement allowed the company to retrieve a further 6%, or $17.45 million.

  • KuCoin NFT Market

    Crypto exchange KuCoin to launch a non-fungible token market

    The Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange claims to be ‘the first major crypto platform to support the deposit and withdrawal of NFT assets’

    KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu said that the firm is paying close attention to the NFT market and “although NFTs don't have enough market attention at present, the potential is great.”