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    Massive Adoption bitcoin conference heads toward massive collapse

    The February conference’s website is down, speakers are cancelling, and promised refunds are in limbo

    A bitcoin conference that was supposed to take place next month may not take place at all, after details of the organizers' past have surfaced on social media. Now people are starting to ask questions, and many are wondering where their money went. 

  • You've seen the meme, now meet the man: blockchain entrepreneur Kyri Andreou, better known as "gym friend" (via Instagram).

    Gym friend: Bitcoin community could use a little more masculinity

    Kyri Andreou, the infamous ‘gym friend,’ works out every day, avoids carbs, and can’t believe a simple pic at the gym become such a big issue

    Kyri Andreou, 62, a blockchain entrepreneur who lives in Malaysia and pumps iron every day, had no idea that a photo of him standing next to a young woman he knew from the gym would end up making him famous in the cryptocurrency world. He's still a little bemused by it all.

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