• Crypto miners clean energy tax breaks
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    Kentucky Senate gives clean energy tax breaks to crypto miners. No, seriously

    A bill that would give huge tax breaks to Bitcoin mining facilities, even if they use coal power, passed the state’s senate 36-1

    Kentucky State Sen. Brandon Smith has sponsored a bill that would extend the state’s tax incentives for alternative and renewable energy businesses to decidedly environmentally unfriendly cryptocurrency mining operations. If that sounds like an unlikely combination consider this: The bill would rename the existing “Incentives for Energy Independence Act” the “Incentives for Energy-related Business Act.”

  • Horses

    In Kentucky, the race is on for who can get thoroughbreds on the blockchain

    Betting on blockchain-trusted horse semen

    At Modern Consensus, we spend a lot of time around our decentralized water cooler debating the finer points of blockchain. Is crypto in its current state an investment? When you buy it, are you speculating? Investing? Or just gambling? That’s a question we will put aside on Saturday for the greatest two and a half minutes in speculative analysis: the Kentucky Derby. Thoroughbred horse breeding has so much in common with blockchain that it’s ripe for disruption. Here’s everything you need to know about both. To an outsider, horse racing and blockchain just sound like opaque word soup. Too insider-y, too mansplain-y to get into. But what we miss most—if…