• crypto clean stolen cash

    Money launderers use crypto to clean stolen cash

    According to a new report, cold, hard cash stolen from banks and ATMs is often converted into cryptocurrencies—helping cybercriminals to muddy the waters

    According to the report, the main challenge for criminals in the wake of a fiat cyber heist is ensuring that ill-gotten gains are clean—making it difficult to tell those assets were from the proceeds of a crime. But the authors also found evidence of a “significant cybercrime group” converting cash obtained from ATM thefts into cryptocurrency, indicating that digital assets are being used to muddy the waters at a later stage.

  • Altcoin hack North Korea
    Alt coins,  Regulation

    DoJ seizes gaming, real estate tokens from $250M North Korean hack

    Along with bitcoin and ether, the U.S. Department of Justice found PlayGame and IHT Real Estate Protocol tokens among a cache seized from the pariah regime’s cyberwarfare thieves

    The $272,000 seized was not a very large part of the amount seized, but it shows that the militarized hackers working for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are not too choosey about what they will pillage. The case involves hacks on at least 10 exchanges.

  • Chainalysis crypto crime briefs

    Chainalysis crypto crime briefs highlight three sketchy firms

    The blockchain intelligence firm reports on a dark web hosting site, a potential Ponzi scheme, and a sanction-busting cryptocurrency exchange linked to a ransomware gang

    Blockchain intelligence firm Chainalysis' crypto crime briefs are designed to cast a spotlight on dubious organizations that could be of interest to law enforcement agencies, regulators, and cybersecurity experts.