• Mt. Gox refund deadline extended again
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    Deadline for plan to reimburse Mt. Gox victims extended… yet again

    This is the fifth time that the deadline for a rehabilitation plan has been pushed back by a Japanese court, and there’s little evidence to suggest it will be the last

    Tokyo’s District Court has now granted the trustee until Dec. 15 to reveal how an estimated 24,000 affected users will be reimbursed. Last year, a report from TechCrunch suggested that the trustee has a bankruptcy fund of 150,000 BTC (worth $1.7 billion at the time of writing) to distribute.

  • Roger Ver (via RogerVer.com).
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    EXCLUSIVE: Roger Ver-backed Evercoin announces $1 million pre-seed round

    Bitcoin pioneer applies for Libra membership | Modern Consensus Interview

    Roger Ver gave me three big announcements as an exclusive to Modern Consensus. First, he is breaking news with us about his investment in the mobile crypto wallet and non-custodial exchange Evercoin. Second, he told me he just submitted Bitcoin.com’s application to join the Facebook-led Libra Association. And third, he shared details about the addition of Stefan Rust as Bitcoin.com’s CEO.

  • Brad Stephens in the Blockchain Capital office in San Francisco (photo by Martine Paris).

    INTERVIEW: Blockchain Capital’s origin story is steeped in gaming lore

    Martine Paris interviews Brad Stephens about everything from video game currencies to Facebook’s GlobalCoin

    When the sons of legendary investment banker Paul Stephens met Mighty Ducks star Brock Pierce, they were avid World of Warcraft gamers and he was amassing an empire of digital goods exchanges where players could buy, sell, and trade valuable in-game items and virtual currency. Together they would go on to form Blockchain Capital, the first venture capital firm to fund the blockchain ecosystem.