• Bitcoin holds $11.4K
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    Markets Report: Bitcoin holds $11.4K as companies keep buying and traders eye $12K next

    Stronger performance seems built to last as $11,000 support remains untested and corporate buy-ins roll in.

    Data from price trackers including CoinMarketCap showed light fluctuation for BTC/USD on the day, with the past 24 hours seeing a narrow trading corridor of $160. $11,500 provided the upper bound, with the level proving to be de facto resistance throughout the week as Bitcoin tackled the path higher.

  • must reads John McAfee in jail
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    McAfee arrested, for real this time

    John McAfee’s days of skating tax evasion charges by living on a yacht ended with his arrest in Spain; the SEC’s also suing him for shilling ICO’s

    “Don’t want to pay taxes? Use Monero, use a distributed exchange, live a happy life.” So said crypto enthusiast, privacy coin advocate and semi-presidential candidate John MacAfee in an interview with Modern Consensus in February. It turns out he should have added, keep a low profile. Or at least lower than a tongue-in-cheek presidential campaign.

  • John McAfee - don't vote McAfee

    We compare the Coinbase and McAfee cards

    Here’s what we learned about the two

    Crypto wild man John McAfee and Coinbase both made big announcements about crypto debit cards this week. True to form, McAfee’s posits itself as functioning outside of the system to protect you from “the man”. And Coinbase’s just looks like another place for them to collect fees. We tracked down all the info we could on them.

  • Cryptojacking

    Cryptojacking skyrockets 629%: McAfee

    Report also says malware threats were up by more than 1,100%

    A new report issued this week by software security firm McAfee shows a stunning surge in malicious attacks on computers to mine cryptocurrency. McAfee Labs reports a 629 percent increase in coin miner malware found during the first quarter of 2018. Malware threats, the report says, were up by more than 1,100 percent. The method, called cryptojacking, takes over a system, allowing hackers to discreetly confiscate computing power and mine cryptocurrency in the background. A system’s user can be unaware this is going on, other than noticing their computer operating slower than normal. “Compared with well-established cybercrime activities such as data theft and ransomware, cryptojacking is simpler, more straightforward, and…