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    Markets Report: Bitcoin starts 2021 with a bang as price targets reach $500,000

    Forecasts are bullish on BTC across the board as December 2020 becomes its best month ever for U.S. dollar gains

    Bitcoin begins a new year on a high in almost every way — and price records are just the icing on the cake for hodlers. As 2021 begins, anticipation has never been higher for Bitcoin to have its best year ever, even as December’s gains alone topped 40%.

  • Crypto swearing opinion
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    Opinion: Why swear words in professional crypto reports just aren’t good enough

    With institutional investors and everyday investors entering the space for the first time, discussing crypto issues like you’re in a bar with your mates can’t cut it anymore

    The cryptocurrency sector has a language problem. As razor sharp as Ryan Selkis’ analysis may be, it’s quite a sweary read. The word “shit” appears nine times, while “fuck” also gets nine mentions throughout the document. As razor sharp as Ryan Selkis’ analysis may be, it’s quite a sweary read.

  • Feds are coming for DeFi
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    The feds are coming for DeFi

    In the wake of criminal charges leveled at exchange and derivatives platform BitMEX, decentralized finance projects may find they’re not untouchable

    The idea of decentralized finance is that there is no central authority in charge to control the exchange’s operations doesn’t mean they can get away with lax or no know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money-laundering (AML) compliance. Or that there is no one to be held accountable.

  • Decentralized finance scams
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    DeFi ‘will soon run out of victims to fleece’

    Messari founder Ryan Selkis went on a twitter rampage yesterday, predicting that the decentralized finance ‘bubble’ will soon pop

    Decrying Ponzi economics, yield hopping, 50% APY yields and “rug pulls”—in which a project’s founder runs off with investors’ funds—Selkis warned that “a good rule of thumb” is that if a project’s promised payout “looks too good to be true, it is.”