• Virgil Griffith brilliantly announced his illegal trip to North Kore on Twitter
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    Virgil Griffith free on bail

    The former Ethereum developer has been released from custody, a full 10 days after a judge ordered him released on $1 million bail

    Virgil Griffith, the former head of special projects for the Ethereum Foundation, is free on $1 million bail. He was charged with violating sanctions following a trip to North Korea in April to deliver a lecture on cryptocurrency. Prosecutors say he assisted the rogue regime in using cryptocurrency to bypass sanctions.

  • Virgil Griffith is facing 20 years in prison (Lulu Lorien via Wikimedia Commons).
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    Virgil Griffith formally charged over North Korea speech

    The former Ethereum developer has been indicted for conspiracy to use cryptocurrency to violate U.S. sanctions; co-conspirator to be arrested shortly

    Former Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith has been formally indicted for conspiracy to violate North Korean sanctions after giving a cryptocurrency lecture at a North Korean conference. Prosecutors alleged that Griffith discussed how to use blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to launder money.

  • To avoid prison, do not tweet your illegal North Korean visa (via Twitter).
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    Report: Virgil Griffith gets $1 million bail in North Korean sanctions-busting case

    The Ethereum developer was accused of teaching the pariah regime to use blockchain and cryptocurrency to launder money at a conference in April

    A federal judge set bail for Virgil Griffith at $1 million, over the vigorous protests of the Department of Justice. He is accused of assisting the pariah regime in evading U.S. sanctions using blockchain and cryptocurrency.