• OKEx suspends withdrawls_viaOKEx

    OKEx suspends crypto withdrawals as private key holder co-operates in investigation

    Crypto markets were spooked by the middle-of-the-night announcement—with OKEx’s utility token OKB falling more than 15%

    Stressing that its customers’ assets remain secure, the company added: “In order to act in the best interests of customers and deliver exceptional long-time customer service, we have decided to suspend digital assets/cryptocurrencies withdrawals … We assure [you] that OKEx’s other functions remain normal and stable.”

  • Another QuadrigaCX setback

    Another setback for QuadrigaCX exchange victims

    Defrauded account holders turn to corporate investigations firm Kroll Inc after lawyers find no evidence linking shady payments processor Crypto Capital to the looted cryptocurrency exchange

    The long-running investigation into the loss of $190 million following the collapse of the doomed Canadian exchange QuadrigaCX has run into another brick wall.

  • crypto exchanges certification standards

    New certification standard tests exchange security

    Hacken hopes its CERtified standard will warn cryptocurrency users when a trading platform isn’t investing enough in security

    Hacken’s CERtified standard is based on four factors. This criteria is then used to calculate a “CyberSecurity Score,” with top-performing exchanges receiving a maximum of three stars.

  • QuadrigaCX user data to taxman
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    Insult to injury: QuadrigaCX user data will be handed over to taxman

    The looted cryptocurrency exchange’s bankruptcy trustee bankruptcy trustee, Ernst & Young,

    The QuadrigaCX cryptocurrency exchange’s bankruptcy trustee, Ernst & Young, announced that it intended to comply with the Canadian tax authority’s request for customer records. Specifically, it is planning to share a database containing the “account balances and transaction data of affected users.”