• Actual photo of the late QuadrigaCX CEO Gerald Cotten trading fake accounts using Star Wars-themed names (via Pixabay).

    QuadrigaCX looted via Star Wars-themed dummy accounts, phantom trades

    Gerald Cotten’s theft was long-planned and deliberate, with the exchange’ platform designed not record what he did

    The fifth report of the trustee for failed cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX is in, and you’ll be shocked—shocked!—to learn that the late Gerald Cotten was a crook.

  • Igor Pejic, author of "Blockchain Babel" (publicity photo).

    In ‘Blockchain Babel,’ a warning for banks and FinTechs

    Igor Pejic’s new books sees blockchain bringing misunderstanding, opportunities, and looming threats to the financial sector

    If there’s one theory at the heart of Igor Pejic’s new book, “Blockchain Babel: The Crypto Craze and the Challenge to Business,” it is that when it comes to using blockchain technology to remake the banking business, neither the financial institutions looking to maintain their dominance nor the FinTech firms trying to topple them understand each other, or how much they need each other.

  • The ₿ Team: Four men suspected of ripping off 112 Bitcoin ATMs across Canada (via Calgary Police Service Cybercrime Team).
    Bitcoin,  Canada

    Canadian cops search for ATM crooks who double spent Bitcoin

    Police on the lookout for four men who ripped off 112 Bitcoin ATMs with some clever programming

    A four-man crypto crime spree raged across Canada six months ago, and Calgary’s police department has finally decided now is a good time to ask the public for help catching the thieves. Sorry to bother you, eh?

  • Skeleton Bitcoin
    Bitcoin,  Cryptocurrencies

    Coinbase CEO speculates on QuandrigaCX management coverup

    Analysis points to possible trouble long before the CEO’s death

    As the QuadrigaCX saga continues to play out, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has jumped into the fray. The chief executive at the largest U.S. exchange suspects that management at its largest Canadian competitor is using its founder’s death to cover up what could be a massive fraud.