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    Russian parliament committee: make crypto legal

    The State Duma’s Committee on Financial Markets draft tax bill would give cryptocurrencies legal status—but ban their use as currencies

    According to a Dec. 24 report, the committee said its approval of the bill was motivated by "the ubiquitous spread of digital technologies and the expansion of the scope of the use of cryptocurrencies, including for illegal purposes."

  • Alexander Zhuravlev, managing partner of the Efficient Business Resources (EBR) law firm, chairman of the commission for the legal support of the digital economy in the Moscow branch of the Russian bar association, and cofounder of the additional education program at the Russian organization of BCL, or Blockchain Lawyers (via Alexander Zhuravlev).

    ‘If legislation does not exist, is everything permitted?’: An in-depth look at Russia’s long path to crypto legislation

    Russia has been struggling to pass comprehensive cryptocurrency reform for over two years. With the bill on crowdfunding finally set to go into effect in 2020, what’s going on with the arguably more crypto-related bill on digital financial assets?

    Russia’s path to cryptocurrency legislation been long and complex, but that’s nothing out of the ordinary for a country seems to do a lot of things the hard way.