• Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

    Mnuchin: stricter crypto AML rules coming ‘very quickly’

    At a Senate Finance Committee hearing, the Treasury Secretary said FinCEN was prepping to release ‘significant’ new requirements for virtual currencies

    The U.S. is joining regulators around the globe in moving to enforce tougher cryptocurrency anti-money laundering policies, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said yesterday. 

  • G20

    G20 summit calls on more crypto regulations

    Crime, taxes, and terrorism are cited along with market regulation and consumer protection

    Plans to create an international regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin moved one step closer to reality at the G20 Leaders Summit in Argentina this past weekend. The leaders of 19 of the advanced and developing nations with the world’s largest economies, plus the European Union, met to discuss economic issues ranging from the U.S.-China trade war to climate change. Founded in 1999, the G20 is a forum for member-state’s leaders and central bank governors intended to promote international financial stability. Among the issues addressed in the G20 Leaders’ declaration announced on Sunday is a commitment to regulate cryptocurrencies as part of its goal of creating “an open and resilient…

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