• bitcoin twitter accounts suspended

    Prominent Bitcoin-focused Twitter accounts suspended for hours

    The Twitter profiles of PlanB, Willy Woo and others are now back online following a six-hour blackout, but anti-Bitcoin conspiracy theories did get far

    News began at 2:25 a.m., when PlanB tweeted, “Just woke up to see my account suspended and all 300k followers gone. No explanation from twitter, no dm, nothing. Does anybody know what happened? More accounts having this problem? @twitter, @twittersupport, @jack HELP!!!”

  • markets report bitcoin price
    Bitcoin,  Markets Report

    Markets Report: Analyst predicting $37K Bitcoin’s ‘ultimate bottom’

    While institutions keep happily buying the dip, a failure to recapture $50,000 this week means that bulls are not out of the woods

    Bitcoin has spent a week circling $50,000 as endless positive news from institutions contrasts with a lack of upward price momentum. With all-time highs still out of reach, commentators have been asking themselves what would be needed to reignite the bull market which has characterized most of 2021.

  • markets report bitcoin his $50,000
    Bitcoin,  Markets Report

    Markets Report: Bitcoin hits $50,000 as Pal heralds ‘only chance people have’

    The last outpost of the $40,000s dissipates on Tuesday with momentum clearly visible for a takedown of new levels

    After several attempts to leave the $40,000 trading corridor, Bitcoin saw rejection as the spot market hit around $49,780. Futures still managed to breach the $50,000 mark before a correction set in, that in itself lasting only hours before a final push sent the market to a peak of $50,600.

  • markets report bitcoin price
    Bitcoin,  Markets Report

    Markets Report: Bitcoin avoids $50,000 attack as concerns build over ‘fakeout’

    A strong weekend’s performance nonetheless fails to deliver a decisive blow to $50,000, which is increasingly acting as a do-or-die price ceiling

    With the U.S. on holiday, markets are still trending up and the dollar down, providing the perfect background for strength in BTC/USD. At the same time, the sudden breakout seen over the weekend may turn out to be more like a “fakeout,” analysts warn, as $50,000 support continues to evade the market.