• CoinDCX launches learning platform
    Education,  Regulation

    As India opens crypto market, exchange entices with education

    Despite reports that reimposing a ban is under consideration, there’s a lot of excitement in the country, and the CoinDCX exchange wants to use learning to tap into it

    India’s cryptocurrency market has gingerly started to ramp up activity after the Supreme Court overturned a controversial ban in March that prohibited banks from dealing with exchanges.

  • Crypto Must-Reads
    Cryptocurrencies,  Education

    Crypto Must-Reads for June 26, 2020

    These Are the Crypto Stories You Should Be Following: Is Greyscale cornering BTC; will governments ban “real money” crypto; A malware botnet is getting its marching orders from messages hidden in the Bitcoin blockchain; AML BitCoin creator busted for… wait for it… money laundering!

    Crypto investment firm Grayscale has accumulated 3.4% of all bitcoins and is still buying voraciously, leading to concerns it will corner the market. Jim Rogers, a one-time George Soros partner, thinks governments will drive crypto underground if they become widely usable as cash, and current Jack Abramoff partner is finding out the hard way not to work on anti-money laundering tech (AML BitCoin in this case) with someone convicted of fraud and corruption. The Glupteba bot-net doesn’t get instruction directly, but by scanning Bitcoin’s blockchain for hidden clues.

  • Bitfinex launches social network
    Cryptocurrencies,  Education

    Bitfinex launches social network for crypto traders

    Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino tells Modern Consensus its Pulse platform’s goal is to foster a sense of community while providing “niche” and “high-quality” content

    Embattled cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has launched Pulse, a new social network aimed at helping its traders exchange ideas and share their insights.

  • virtual crypto conference Reimagine 2020
    Education,  Technology

    Virtual crypto conference Reimagine 2020 to run 72 hours straight

    Shrugging off coronavirus, blockchain accelerator MouseBelt’s non-stop event will be free and hopes to attract more than 10,000 attendees

    Blockchain accelerator MouseBelt announced today that it is organizing virtual crypto conference Reimagine 2020 from scratch. The ambitious event aims to be on air continuously for 72 hours, with organizers promising it’ll be packed with keynote speeches, panels, and debates.