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    Markets Report: Bitcoin retakes all-time high as BNY Mellon embraces crypto

    Bitcoin sees a boost to new all-time highs thanks to BNY Mellon, but the risk of a “parabolic breakdown” remains, warns one analyst; Cardano pushes closer to $1

    Having hit upwards of $48,000 on Monday thanks to Tesla’s $1.5 billion buy-in, Bitcoin saw sellers line up closer to the psychologically significant $50,000 barrier. Thereafter ensued a consolidation period which briefly saw a return to near $43,000 in the past 24 hours.

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    Bitcoin Shorters Beware! Market lies in wait for $50,000

    Thin resistance between spot price and the $50,000 hurdle amid more public endorsement of corporate Bitcoin buying

    Broadly thought to be a watershed moment for the cryptocurrency, Tesla’s buy-in had proponents arguing that other big tech firms would have no choice but to follow. Thereafter, naysayers voiced caution, arguing that Bitcoin’s volatility itself would stop smaller outfits converting a significant portion of their treasury.

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    Markets Report: Bitcoin tipped for $50,000 next as Tesla upends expectations

    The shock $1.5 billion from Elon Musk’s company continues to ricochet among investors and mainstream consumers

    Bulls were already confident prior to Monday’s news, with Bitcoin passing $40,000 over the weekend. Elon Musk’s company then set the market alight with its filing with U.S. regulators and Bitcoin subsequently hit new record levels of $48,200.

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    Markets Report: Crunch time for Bitcoin as Tesla buys $1.5 billion in BTC

    Bullish price action meets its match as Tesla appears to commit to a pro-Bitcoin future, buying the cryptocurrency and paving the way for payments

    After a promising week’s trading, BTC/USD rose above the upper limit of its $10,000 trading corridor on Saturday before correcting, with $40,000 support still out of reach. A sudden move from Tesla then changed the atmosphere entirely. What’s next?