• Fake doctor, fake drugs
    Asia & Australia,  Technology

    Blockchain may offer solution to deadly distribution of fake pharmaceuticals

    Fraudulent and substandard drugs kill hundreds of thousands of children every year in developing countries

    On Jan. 31, China’s Chongqing Yuzhong District Food and Drug Administration announced that it was partnering with a local blockchain firm, Prime Chain Network, to combat fake and expired prescription drugs.

  • Bitcoin Rupees
    Asia & Australia,  Technology

    Indian banks turn to blockchain to bring credit to underbanked companies

    11 banks create Blockchain Infrastructure Company to make credit cheaper and easier for micro- to medium-sized businesses

    A group of 11 Indian banks have joined together to create a blockchain-based digital ledger system aimed at improving access to credit for micro-, small-, and medium-sized businesses.

  • world map
    Asia & Australia,  Europe,  Regulation

    As the US dithers on regulating cryptocurrencies, other regions move forward

    Support for blockchain technology is stronger both in the US and abroad

    Cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts were excited about the ​announcement​ this week that President Donald Trump plans to name Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, a longtime supporter of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, as his interim White House chief of staff before the end of the year. As a congressman, Mulvaney was a co-founder of the ​Congressional Blockchain Caucus​. When it comes to actually embracing cryptocurrencies, the U.S. has been generally skeptical. As a recent opinion piece in the ​Harvard Business Review​ by law firm Jones Day blockchain initiative leaders Stephen J. Obie and Mark W. Rasmussen noted: ​“Without clear regulations, cryptocurrency innovation in the United States is being stifled.…