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    Is Gary Gensler’s Bark Worse Than His Bite?

    Chairman seeks greater authority, but Americans—and a Connecticut jury—aren’t convinced

    SEC Chairman Gary Gensler thinks investors needs more protection when it comes to Crypto, telling a key Senate committee recently that when it comes to financing, issuing, lending or trading Crypto, more is better when it comes to Crypto regulation. Following his testimony, Gensler characterized U.S. securities laws in a way that brings to mind the wide nets that industrial fishing trawlers use to snare vast numbers of tuna on the open seas. And if you happen to be pondering a foray into the staking arena be warned, he said, because lending products are likely to fall under the purview of the Twin Towers of SEC authority:  The 1933 Securities…

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    SEC Chairman Jay Clayton speaks on crypto, but leaves it to audience to connect the blocks

    Cryptic remarks by the man who would be sheriff

    NEW YORK—Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton agreed to an on-stage interrogation by New York Times columnist and Dealbook founder Andrew Ross Sorkin Thursday night to discuss the impact of cryptocurrency and blockchain on markets. But after more than an hour of Q&A, including taking several questions from the audience of more than 500 people at the Times Center in Times Square, all we really learned was that Chairman Clayton’s wife does the driving, presumably so that he can catch up on his reading (he claimed it’s simply because she’s a much better driver). Clayton responded to several of Sorkin’s questions about how the SEC would likely regulate crypto…

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    What kind of year will 2019 be in crypto?

    A panel at World Cryptocon leaves more questions than answers

    LAS VEGAS—If 2017 was “the Year of the Utility Token” (I prefer “the Year that Crypto Only Went Up”), and 2018 is “the Year of the Security Token” (I prefer “the Year that Crypto only Goes Down”), what is in store for 2019?  A panel of experts tried to answer this question on Thursday at World Cryptocon in Las Vegas during a panel titled The Future of STOs: Regulation, Compliance and Promise. But it may have left more questions than answers. A lively discussion ensued among the panel, moderated by Forbes’ Aaron Stanley, touching on subjects such as the pros and cons of various security registration classifications, comparing U.S. versus offshore offerings,…