• The Wall Street Journal
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    Wall Street Journal jumps on the ‘long blockchain, unsure about bitcoin’ bandwagon

    The newspaper’s tech columnist joins the chorus of voices ready to praise blockchain but unwilling to commit to bitcoin.

    With bitcoin prices bouncing around from day to day and even minute to minute, it’s incredibly difficult to tie down finance professionals to a concrete prediction on where the cryptocurrency is heading. Nobody wants to be wrong, after all, and with cryptocurrencies’ extreme volatility, it’s highly likely that their predictions could be very wrong. So how do finance gurus handle the topic of bitcoin’s future without painting themselves into a corner? Increasingly, they avoid the question and talk about blockchain instead. Recently, it’s practically the default response of people in the industry to start singing the praises of blockchain when anyone asks them about bitcoin. Wall Street Journal tech columnist…

  • John Oliver
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    Opinion | What John Oliver left out about cryptocurrencies

    The HBO comedian explained cryptocurrencies like bitcoin to the general public but missed the importance of blockchain technology

    If it’s true that trends haven’t made it into the big leagues until John Oliver makes fun of them, then bitcoin is officially in the big leagues. On Sunday night, the Last Week Tonight comedian spent a full 25 minutes essentially knocking the popular cryptocurrency as nothing more than a huge gamble. Highlighting Bitcoin as well as a dozen other different cryptocurrencies—TitCoin, JesusCoin, and a few other choice offerings—Oliver implied that all coins are created equal, and he doesn’t seem to think particularly highly of any of them. He even made a comparison that strikes fear in the hearts of millennials everywhere: that bitcoin is as much of a speculative…