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Sologenic FTW

Company built on the XRP ledger allows tokenization of assets

I am a 21-year-old crypto enthusiast. I have obsessively followed the crypto market and I can say the following with complete certainty: I have never come across anything as groundbreaking as Sologenic. As a proud infantryman in the XRP Army, I am honored to bring Sologenic to the spotlight it so rightfully deserves.

So, what is Sologenic and why should you care?

Sologenic calls itself “a sophisticated ecosystem built on top of the XRP ledger.” It was founded in 2019 by CEO Bob Ras & CTO Reza Bashash and according to the company’s PR gobbledygook, had “the ambition to become the most influential blockchain-based project in the world by bridging the gap between traditional financial markets and cryptocurrencies. It facilitates investing and trading between Crypto and non-Blockchain assets such as stocks, ETFs, and commodities from top 30+ global stock exchanges. “Sologenic will enable people to tokenize the economy and use cryptocurrencies in any way imaginable”

Sologenic is.

Currently, there are two main aspects to Sologenic: Asset Tokenization and the Sologenic Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

The company describes the former this way:

“Asset tokenization is executed on demand by Sologenic and is a revolutionary new process where real world assets become digital tokens that can circulate securely and transparently on the block chain. By switching to a tokenized system, investors can liquefy real world assets while retaining the characteristics of the assets. Users can even store and take custody of these tokenized assets on their own private online or off-line digital wallets securely without requiring any third-party to keep the private keys.”

So, what will asset tokenization mean for everyday people? Imagine being able to invest in Apple stock with your crypto. Being paid monthly dividends in XRP or even taking custody of your shares in your private wallet. This will all be facilitated on-demand by Sologenic, with the powerful transaction speed and efficiency of the XRPL.

As for Sologenic DEX, which is built on the XRP ledger, it “provides interchangeable asset trading and complete self-custody of digital assets through your preferred wallet. Traders have access to all issued pairs and tokens, allowing users to trade cryptocurrency’s including SOLO, XRP, and tokenize assets on the DEX.”

Why is the Solo DEX different from other Exchanges? Never have I had such a seamless experience on an exchange before. From connecting a wallet, to signing transactions, Sologenic DEX is all around user friendly. It is hard to ignore when transaction fees are as low as $0.000005.

But wait, there’s more!

The real story here is with what is coming soon. Recently announced, Sologenic will be airdropping $1 Billion to all current XRP and SOLO holders with a SOLO trust line set later this month. This was announced along with the launch of a new cost-efficient and decentralized NFT marketplace. This announcement has fueled a massive rally in the SOLO token price, trading at just $0.05 less than a month ago. At the time of writing, the price of SOLO is $5.30.

It is my opinion—humble but informed by careful study of the token and its backing company—that Sologenic, and its native token SOLO, will be a huge and important platform that you will not want to miss out on in 2022. Remember… John said so.

DISCLOSURE: John Fuentes holds SOLO tokens.

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John Fuentes is a self-proclaimed crypto expert, investor, and enthusiast from South Texas.