• Ripple wins big
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    Ripple scores big win over weekend

    Judge throws out nearly all of the claims in a class action suit calling XRP an unregistered security illegally and fraudulently sold by Ripple

    On Friday night, a major ruling in the class-action suit against Ripple came out and it was a clear victory for the San Francisco-based blockchain payments firm – a clean win on two of the three issues before the judge, plus a near-win on the third.

  • Ripple carbon neutral
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    Ripple pledges to become carbon neutral by 2030

    The international payments firm announced that the XRP Ledger Foundation will also go carbon neutral, using the blockchain-based EW Zero platform

    Ripple has partnered with the Energy Web Foundation to launch an open source tool dubbed EW Zero that it said will help any blockchain firm that is looking to eliminate its carbon footprint.

  • Ripple controversy
    Ripple,  XRP

    What’s up with Ripple?

    The international financial transactions business has been up and running for years, yet it still gets a lot of flak for its influence over the third-largest cryptocurrency, XRP

    Ripple has the distinction of being one of the largest companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain business that is up and running and working with hundreds of customers, including a couple of major banks. Yet for all those achievements, it is among the most controversial companies in DeFi, with a host of critics.

  • XRP is not a security
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    ‘Crypto Dad’ Chris Giancarlo: XRP is not a security

    The former Commodity Futures Trading Commission chair was a leading force in removing the scarlet ‘S’ from bitcoin and ether, and he remains influential. But making the same argument for XRP is weakened as his law firm works for Ripple

    Former Commodity Futures Trading Commission chair and “Crypto Dad” Chris Giancarlo argued forcefully in a June 17 column that XRP is not a security but a currency under U.S. law. That’s a huge, potentially life-or-death question for Ripple.

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