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William Shatner just name-checked Charlie Shrem on Twitter

It was every bit as awesome as that sounds

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This morning, William Shatner took to Twitter and said something strange and inscrutable to his 2.52 million followers. That’s typical. What’s less typical is that his subject was cryptocurrency. And he dropped the name of one of bitcoin’s earliest adopters and most fervent evangelists, Charlie Shrem.


In a tweet peppered with emojis, the Star Trek actor (and I hate to reduce him to that description because it fails to reflect how great he was as the villain in a latter-era Columbo, not to mention singer, author, screenwriter, director, celebrity pitchman, and horse breeder) tweeted:

If that doesn’t make sense to you, you’re not alone. Shrem didn’t get it either.

He wrote on his Facebook, “Not sure what he’s talking about, but I just got name dropped by Bill Shatner.”

Shrem is, of course, the cofounder of BitInstant, which he started in 2011, ie, a thousand years ago in Bitcoin years. He is also a founder of the Bitcoin Foundation and a frequent speaker on bitcoin’s behalf. That’s the role in which his enthusiasm for the original crypto currency and his generally irresistible personality apparently put him on the radar of the man who played Captain Kirk and T.J. Hooker.

Some of Shrem’s friends didn’t understand the reference either.

On his Facebook page, one wrote, “I’m struggling to figure out wtf he meant, but regardless this is the sickest ambien-fueled shoutout ever.” Another opined on what the awareness by an 87-year-old of Bitcoin, Coindesk and Shrem says about the overall viability of digital currency. “Mass Adoption still coming, we are early on the S curve lol. That is a beauty!!”

But just in case anyone wondered if the mention was accidental, Shatner hit it again. Shrem tweeted in reply, “Not sure what your talking about Bill, but you can call me anytime!” And Shatner replied, “When I have something crypto newsworthy- you will be one of the first I call.”

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