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    William Shatner just name-checked Charlie Shrem on Twitter

    It was every bit as awesome as that sounds

    This morning, William Shatner took to Twitter and said something strange and inscrutable to his 2.52 million followers. That’s typical. What’s less typical is that his subject was cryptocurrency. And he dropped the name of one of bitcoin’s earliest adopters and most fervent evangelists, Charlie Shrem.   In a tweet peppered with emojis, the Star Trek actor (and I hate to reduce him to that description because it fails to reflect how great he was as the villain in a latter-era Columbo, not to mention singer, author, screenwriter, director, celebrity pitchman, and horse breeder) tweeted: So @coindesk – 👍🏻 & 😘 is a thank you I do here for liking a…

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    Must-reads for Nov. 8, 2018: Getting shaky, getting stable, getting tracked, getting beamed up, and getting Gooped

    These are the crypto stories you should be following today

    Tether’s New Bank Has Been Named in Two Global Bribery Cases (Breaker) Another day, another “Tether has a problem” story. This time, it has to do with the stablecoin’s new bank, Deltec. Some bribe money that was paid to a Venezuelan government official ended up there (and at another Bahamian bank, Ansbacher), according to an investigation. “Neither bank has been accused of complicity in the bribery or other corruption. However, the findings highlight what may be systemic deficiencies in Bahamian banking regulation. The Bahamas was recently added to the list of nations with deficient anti-money laundering practices maintained by the Financial Action Task Force, an international initiative anti-money laundering initiative,” writes Breaker’s David…