eToro buy crypto news

When should you buy the crypto news?

Almost by definition, significant developments have a significant impact on token prices. But which ones should you buy? A new eToro report has answers

If you’re looking to lock in a quick profit on a cryptocurrency investment, jump into any token as soon as possible after a token burn is announced. 

The chance of a price increase after one day is a perfect 100%, according to a study released by social trading and brokerage firm eToro on Oct. 14. But jump in quickly. After a week, that’s down to just 50%.

The second-best bet is on merger and acquisition news, although you’ve got a bit more time. While the one-day probability of a price increase is 65%, over one week that improves to a “remarkable” 90%.

Those are among the findings of eToro’s Q3 2020 quarterly report on “What Moves the Prices of CryptoAssets.”

eToro buy crypto news
eToro’s top 10 price changers (Photo: eToro)

Based on information about the impact of significant developments drawn from digital asset information provider The TIE’s Crypto SigDev platform, the report looks at the probability of a price increase within one hour, one day, and one week after 15 separate types of events.

These are mergers & acquisitions, funding, halving, employment changes, partnerships, staking, announcements, illicit activity, listings, token burns, forks, regulatory announcements, mainnet launches or upgrades, airdrops, and 51% attacks.

Profit by the week

The biggest price increases—and decreases—are in the one week range.

For locking in big profits, mergers and acquisitions are the best opportunity, with the average one-week change an 8.23% increase—far and away better than anything else. They also lead the one-day change list, with an average increase of 1.32%.

“This outsized return is likely due to the fact that most token-related M&A news are tightly held secrets,” the report said. “Further, M&A in the context of tokens are typically done to add further value to an ecosystem. For instance FTX’s acquisition of Blockfolio brought a significant number of additional users into the FTX ecosystem.”

The one-week price surge in that case was 33%, it added.

Second on the M&A list, strangely enough, is illicit activity, with a 5.59% one-week increase. That’s followed—far less strangely—by funding announcement (+4.21%), mainnet launches or upgrades (+3.08%), and employment changes (+2.69%).

The price drop list is led by 51% attacks, which see an average 3.32% decrease over a week.

As for token burns, the lesson of the report is get in fast, get out fast. The average price change after one hour is up 1.15%. After a day, that improves to 2.13%. But after one week, the price is down an average of 1.18%.

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