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Coinbase drips talent, crypto’s true believers, and Jamie Dimon goes off on Bitcoin (again)

These are the crypto stories you should be following today

Coinbase’s Head of Trading Resigns After Six Months on Job (CoinDesk)
Hunter Merghart was hired by Coinbase’s general manager, Adam White, to run trading for them back in May. However, White jumped ship to become COO of Bakt in early October. Now Merghart has bailed from Coinbase as well. The company’s VP of corporate and business development, Emilie Choi, said Coinbase’s recent $300 million raise was for “a rainy day”. What if it’s just cloudy with a slight drizzle?


Nasdaq Wants Crypto Market to Stamp Out Fraud—With Its Help (Bloomberg)
Crypto markets are more manipulated than Kanye West. So what can be done about it? Nasdaq wants to use the tools it has developed over the years to help exchanges put a stop to it. So far, just Gemini is a client. One problem Nasdaq may face is if the ones doing the manipulation are the exchanges themselves.


The Man Who Bet It All on Bitcoin, and Still Believes (Wall Street Journal)
In 2017, “Didi Taihuttu sold almost everything he owned, including his business, house and car, and put all that money into bitcoin,” write the Wall Street Journal’s Thomas Di Fonzo and Hilke Schellmann. That was a winning strategy—until it wasn’t. The attached video follows Taihuttu and his family. It’s 10 minutes long, if you have the time.


Jamie Dimon: ‘I don’t really give a shit about bitcoin’ (MarketWatch)
Another day, another Jamie Dimon quote about Bitcoin. The best part of this article is the graph that shows what Dimon has said over the years and compares it to a price chart of Bitcoin. For instance, he trashed the digital asset until it peaked. Then he said he regretted doing so. Now that prices are down, he’s back to trashing it again. Hey, remember when JP Morgan Chase took billions in bailouts from the federal government?


Bitcoin Status Worldwide (BitCanuck)
If you’re having a tough time keeping track of what countries like or hate Bitcoin, BitCanuck has a handy-dandy map. Bookmark it—until it changes.


To the Moon? Ethereum Startup ConsenSys Acquires Asteroid Mining Company (CCN)
This headline is misleading. It should read, “ConsenSys just needlessly wasted valuable resources on something that sounded cool.”



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