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Nasty CoinDesk-Block feud gets personal

Two well-known crypto publications trade punches

What a surprise, another fight on crypto Twitter </sarcasm>. This time, it’s The Block’s founder and CEO Mike Dudas slugging it out with CoinDesk’s editor in chief Pete Rizzo.

On the surface, everything seems only slightly tense. It started out Thursday with a Tweet from Korea by Dudas accusing CoinDesk of playing hardball against The Block:

A couple of hours later, CoinDesk tweeted:

Just a few minutes later, Dudas hit back with:

Except crypto Twitter doesn’t forget anything and loves screenshots. In a tweet by Pete Rizzo that has since been taken down:

Then there was this tweet from CoinDesk’s official account which reminds us that CoinDesk makes a small fortune with its Consensus events but isn’t above attacking a guy with a relatively smaller following just trying to make it in this tiny corner of the tech space. It also makes one wonder if the New York Times ever tweeted something similar at, say, the New York Post:

As saved by someone (or something) with the account @CryptoN_T, there was this gem:

Note Pete Rizzo’s response at the bottom. Talking about Dudas, he said, “The actions of a true piece of sh-t.”


In a calmer tweet, Rizzo clarified himself a little bit:

Did we say calm? Okay, maybe not. Less than an hour later:

Remember, a lot of tweets have been deleted along the way.

To be fair, it is indeed common practice for a publication to ask for exclusivity on a story. Even on that old medium known as television, news shows will ask their guests to refrain from breaking news on another network first. No one likes sloppy seconds, especially when information is what you sell.

We reached out to both Dudas and Rizzo. Dudas reminded us that he’s in Korea and tired and would maybe talk about it at another time. We’ve yet to hear from Rizzo.

As CryptoNT pointed out in the repost, “This just in….there’s very little news in ‘crypto’ anyway. Start following bitcoin developers and publishers….”

Quality crypto reporting is tough to come by. Besides Modern Consensus, of course, there are just a handful of places focused on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology that maintain some semblance of journalistic integrity. Over at major financial publications, reporters are being redeployed elsewhere away from crypto because prices remain relatively calm.

We’re all chasing the same advertising dollars (yes, most sites still get paid in fiat) but can’t we all just get along?

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Lawrence Lewitinn, CFA was the founding editor in chief of Modern Consensus. Disclosure: Lewitinn owns no cryptocurrencies in his portfolio.