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Must-reads for October 22, 2018: How much blockchain engineers get paid, Hedgie selling house for BTC, and Kenyan BBQ joint takes Dash

These are the crypto stories you should be following today

Salaries for blockchain engineers are skyrocketing, now on par with AI experts (CNBC)
There’s still a demand for blockchain engineers! Per Salvador Rodriguez (or, at least, the bullet points at the top of his artice): “Blockchain engineers are making between $150,000 and $175,000 in annual salaries on average. Blockchain engineers are the top paid roles in software development, on par with specialists focused on artificial intelligence. Demand for blockchain engineers has increased by 400 percent since late 2017 on Hired, a firm that helps clients recruit tech candidates.”


NatWest to become world’s first bank to use blockchain for loan management (TheNextWeb)
NatWest plans on using blockchain technology (specifically, R3) to deal with its part of the $3.5 trillion industry. But it’ll be centralized so…. Take whatever win you can?


Your computer could be quietly mining bitcoin — for someone else (NBCNews)
Cryptojacking continues to be a problem. If cryptojackers continue their predatory practices, NBC’s next story on it will involve Chris Hansen surprising them at a house and inviting them to sit down to talk to the cameras.


A Hedge Fund Manager Will Accept Bitcoin for His $16 Million Mansion (Bloomberg)
Bitcoin bull Roy Niederhoffer is selling his townhouse on the corner of Riverside Drive and West 76th Street for $15.9 million. He acquired the residence by assembling the three condo units that made up the former mansion for $12.9 million about five years ago. It looks like he poured some money into the place so, when you factor his renovation and interest costs, it’s almost as if Niederhoffer is merely trading four quarters for one dollar. But to make it interesting, he’s willing to sell it for bitcoin. Sure, this could trigger capital gains taxes for the buyer but everyone is talking about an otherwise typical listing in Manhattan, aren’t they?


Kenyan crypto-currency pioneer: ‘I make my money from Bitcoin and tasty roast meat’ (BBC)
Headed to Nyeri, Kenya with a pocket full of bitcoin or dash and want to spend it all on barbeque? You’re in luck! Betty’s Place accepts both currencies. Owner Beatrice Wambugu will also give you a lesson in crypto if you don’t know anything about it. However, her sales in alternatives currencies aren’t spectacular thus far. “However, her payments in Bitcoin have been modest – about 30,000 Kenyan shillings (£230, $300) in sales from about 20 people,” writes BBC’s Vumani Mkhize.


These 5 Blockchain Solutions Could Restore Your Optimism in the Technology (Entrepreneur)
It’s relatively short reading but, hey, it’s always nice to read good news: Entrepreneur magazine takes a really light look at blockchain initiatives in administrative services, payment services, digital and intellectual property rights, distribution of benefits, and tenders. It took more time to write the previous sentence than it did to read the whole article.


Exclusive Interview With Waqar Zaka: Celebrity TV Host Turned Bitcoin Philanthropist Praises ”Revolutionary” Technology (Bitcoin News)
Crypto isn’t just about bros and Lambos (though, let’s be honest, there are far too many examples of that out there). Here’s a heartwarming story about how a Pakistani TV host uses crypto to changes the world, one life at a time.


Ocean plastic is a huge problem. Blockchain could be part of the solution. (NBCNews Mach)
Plastic Bank has set up three dozen or so recycling centers in Haiti, a place that sends a lot of plastic trash into the ocean. Rather than paying people in cash, they pay in crypto.


Samsung Made a Bitcoin Mining Rig Out of 40 Old Galaxy S5s (Vice’s Motherboard)
Samsung may have problems with its phones catching fire from time to time but you know what’s hot? Mining crypto. Okay, not as hot as a Galaxy 7, but it’s still a thing. So why not use your old phone to mine Bitcoin? Well, besides the fact that you won’t get much for it? Anyway, Samsung put together a mining rig for its developers’ conference. It’s not something you can buy anywhere but it gives an idea of what a Samsung Galaxy can do. You know, besides flame up and freak out people on your flight.


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