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Forget environmental damage, this is the worst thing you’ll see about crypto in a long time

Just a woman in XRP underwear writhing on the steps of the New York Stock Exchange

What a bunch of weirdos humanity is. We’re all out here trying to scratch together a living, and Rachel Siegel—the woman behind a truly remarkable new video “Top Six”—is no different.

As crypto money continues to bring out our bizarre instincts, Siegel produced her rewritten version of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” with a focus on the top six cryptocurrencies.

Oh / The runs and the dips / I’m holding tight / Your top six, your dipping under”

Why? Just… why?

The video has been making the rounds on Reddit, although Siegel explained it’s just a first attempt at building an audience with viral videos about cryptocurrency.

“My thesis is: there’s no way to get a common consumer invested in cryptocurrency, wondering what’s going on about blockchain technology so long as we’re tech forward,” Siegel explained at the Brooklyn Tech Week conference yesterday. “Not everyone can understand that.”

The video has gotten mixed reviews on Reddit.

“It’s a horrible video that cheapens crypto. Please don’t make another one,” wrote GrugsCrack.

“I love that you think I have the power to cheapen crypto :)!” Siegel responded.

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