• Mick Mulvaney at Coin Center Annual Dinner, 2016
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    New White House Chief of Staff: Bitcoin is good, ‘not manipulable by any government’

    Mick Mulvaney has been down with crypto since 2014 and shared stages with Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin

    President Trump says director of the Office of Management and Budget—and Bitcoin enthusiast—Mick Mulvaney will come on as acting White House chief of staff when John Kelly leaves the end of the year. Mulvaney will stay on at the OMB where he was narrowly approved by the Senate by just two votes in 2017. With the government headed to a potential shutdown over a budget disagreement, who better to step in than Mulvaney, one of the architects of the 2017 government shutdown? At the time, he said, “What we just did this week was fine and passable, but not ideal. … I think a good shutdown would be one that…

  • Craig Wright
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    Craig Wright goes ‘full billionaire mode’ and doesn’t care what you think: The Modern Consensus Interview

    The man many believe to be Satoshi Nakamoto opens up to Modern Consensus

    On November 15, 2018 the biggest names in crypto will square off over how Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will operate going forward. While it’s not surprising that Dr. Craig Wright would step into the ring: it is surprising that he would Skype with us for the afternoon and let us ask anything we wanted. Since Satoshi Nakamoto released the original Bitcoin white paper in 2008, arguably no one has been more involved than Wright. Many documents show that if Nakamoto does exist, then he worked closely with Wright both before and after the launch. But if Nakamoto does not exist, then he might be a creation of Wright and/or his early…

  • Vitalik Buterin, Rachel Siegel, and Roger Ver
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    Forget environmental damage, this is the worst thing you’ll see about crypto in a long time

    Just a woman in XRP underwear writhing on the steps of the New York Stock Exchange

    What a bunch of weirdos humanity is. We’re all out here trying to scratch together a living, and Rachel Siegel—the woman behind a truly remarkable new video “Top Six”—is no different. As crypto money continues to bring out our bizarre instincts, Siegel produced her rewritten version of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” with a focus on the top six cryptocurrencies. “Oh / The runs and the dips / I’m holding tight / Your top six, your dipping under” The video has been making the rounds on Reddit, although Siegel explained it’s just a first attempt at building an audience with viral videos about cryptocurrency. “My thesis is: there’s no way to get a common consumer…

  • William Shatner
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    Must-reads for Nov. 8, 2018: Getting shaky, getting stable, getting tracked, getting beamed up, and getting Gooped

    These are the crypto stories you should be following today

    Tether’s New Bank Has Been Named in Two Global Bribery Cases (Breaker) Another day, another “Tether has a problem” story. This time, it has to do with the stablecoin’s new bank, Deltec. Some bribe money that was paid to a Venezuelan government official ended up there (and at another Bahamian bank, Ansbacher), according to an investigation. “Neither bank has been accused of complicity in the bribery or other corruption. However, the findings highlight what may be systemic deficiencies in Bahamian banking regulation. The Bahamas was recently added to the list of nations with deficient anti-money laundering practices maintained by the Financial Action Task Force, an international initiative anti-money laundering initiative,” writes Breaker’s David…