Head of news Molly Zuckerman (left) and managing editor Olivia Capozzalo (right) bid das vadanya to Cointelegraph (Image composite based on LinkedIn profile pictures).

Two top editors quit Cointelegraph

Executive editor and head of news leave leading crypto news site

Two top editors have bailed on Cointelegraph—one of the best-trafficked cryptocurrency news sites—according to several independent sources.

Olivia Capozzalo, who was Cointelegraph’s executive editor, and Molly Zuckerman, who served as the site’s head of news, recently gave notice. They are the two top editorial staffers at the site. Their next moves have yet to be announced but indications are that the two respected women will be working on some future project together. Their profiles remain on the “About Cointelegraph” page.

Interestingly, both have experience in Russian culture and history. Capozzalo is based in St. Petersburg and cohosts a podcast called She’s In Russia. According to her LinkedIn profile, Zuckerman received a master’s of science degree from London’s King’s College in Russian studies.

A year ago, Cointelegraph Media Group, the site’s publisher, received some heat from the now-defunct Breaker Mag when reporter Corin Faife posed as a Moscow-based public relations representative name “Nikolay Kostarev.” Faife asked 28 crypto news sites if they were willing to post paid advertising that appeared as an objectives news story. When he approached Cointelegraph’s advertising team, he wasn’t categorically turned away.

Instead, he was referred to several other sites run by the Group—though it should be noted that the flagship Cointelegraph site itself wasn’t one of those recommended by its business team. “The Group is an advertising partnership, allowing marketers to coordinate ads or sponsored posts across member sites, although in other respects the sites are editorially independent,” Faife noted at the time.

Losing two respected female editors will test Cointelegraph. The entire crypto space has struggled to shake off its early reputation for a male-dominated bro culture, with some crypto events reported to be 80% men. It is unclear at press time whether Cointelegraph intends to fill the gap left by the departure of its two top editors. The site does not list an “editor in chief” and as of press time, management had not responded to inquiries from Modern Consensus. This breaking story will be updated as needed.

(Note: Olivia Capozzola was elevated to executive editor in April of this year and did not concurrently hold the position of managing editor as previous reported.)

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Lawrence Lewitinn, CFA was the founding editor in chief of Modern Consensus. Disclosure: Lewitinn owns no cryptocurrencies in his portfolio.