• BIS Bitcoin break down

    Bank for International Settlements head predicts Bitcoin’s demise

    Comparing Bitcoin proponents to a ‘community of online gamers,’ the GM of the central bankers’ bank predicted halvings will doom the largest cryptocurrency

    Agustín Carstens told the Hoover Institution that "scarcity and cryptography alone do not suffice to guarantee exchange," suggesting that Bitcoin will break down after future halvings decrease the incentives for mining to simply the transaction fees earned with each block:

  • markets report bitcoin price
    Bitcoin,  Markets Report

    Markets Report: Bitcoin recovers from $29K dip; anger at double spend claim

    Troubled times for bitcoin as miner outflows combine with false rumors that the blockchain was compromised for the first time in history

    Data from price trackers including CoinMarketCap and TradingView showed a problematic 24 hours for Bitcoin, which looks to end the week in a decidedly more precarious position than that in which it began on Monday.

  • Bitcoin mining consolidation security threat
    Bitcoin,  Technology

    Report: Mining pool consolidation threatens Bitcoin security

    New research from TokenAnalyst says 5 mining pools now control half of Bitcoin’s hashrate, making 51% attacks a growing concern

    Five companies out of China control nearly half of Bitcoin’s computing power, according to a new report released Friday by blockchain analysis firm TokenAnalysis. As a result, Bitcoin’s “trustless network” continues to erode as mining power concentrates into the hands of a few.