• Voyager Digital expands into Europe
    Alt coins

    Voyager Digital adds interest on Algorand USDC

    The crypto broker’s support for Algorand’s USDC stablecoin will facilitate the ability to buy, sell, and transfer other Algorand tokens through the platform

    Crypto asset broker Voyager Digital announced a new investing solution based on the Algorand (ALGO) blockchain. According to a Dec. 3 announcement, it will allow its users to earn 8.5% on the Algorand version of the USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin

  • VeriTX turns to Algorand

    Aerospace marketplace VeriTX turns to Algorand to get its supply chain soaring

    Partnering with the proof-of-stake blockchain firm let a 3D printed aircraft parts supplier get an F15 Eagle flying in a day, rather than nine months

    To build that marketplace, the decentralized aerospace parts manufacturing firm is partnering with Algorand, using its proof-of-stake blockchain platform to provide customers with speed and certainty along the supply chain, according to an Oct. 22 announcement.

  • Major Algorand upgrade

    As Ethereum 2.0 gets bogged down in delays, Algorand pounces for DeFi market

    Transaction fees are spiraling out of control on the Ethereum blockchain. Now, a rival network says it offers superior technology that makes transactions faster and cheaper

    Many protocols are being built on the Ethereum blockchain, a network that’s had a long-term scalability problem and has been bursting at the seams for years. Now, the DeFi-focused blockchain Algorand is throwing its hat into the ring—and making it clear that it’s determined to seize market share from Ethereum.

  • Algorand supports Pocket

    Algorand supports platform designed to make life cheaper, easier for DApp developers

    The DeFi-focused blockchain firm says Pocket Network will make creating decentralized applications up to 10 times less expensive than it is now

    The infrastructure eliminates the risk of there being a single point of failure for a DApp—crucial in an age where tech companies live and die by how reliable they are.