• Major Algorand upgrade

    As Ethereum 2.0 gets bogged down in delays, Algorand pounces for DeFi market

    Transaction fees are spiraling out of control on the Ethereum blockchain. Now, a rival network says it offers superior technology that makes transactions faster and cheaper

    Many protocols are being built on the Ethereum blockchain, a network that’s had a long-term scalability problem and has been bursting at the seams for years. Now, the DeFi-focused blockchain Algorand is throwing its hat into the ring—and making it clear that it’s determined to seize market share from Ethereum.

  • Algorand supports Pocket

    Algorand supports platform designed to make life cheaper, easier for DApp developers

    The DeFi-focused blockchain firm says Pocket Network will make creating decentralized applications up to 10 times less expensive than it is now

    The infrastructure eliminates the risk of there being a single point of failure for a DApp—crucial in an age where tech companies live and die by how reliable they are.

  • Republic Note launches profit-sharing token
    Alt coins

    Crowdfunding platform Republic launches Note profit-sharing token

    The token sale for the Note comes as Republic embarks on a quest to democratize private investing and make it more accessible for the average consumer

    A glitzy video released by Republic says the Note allows anyone to “invest in tomorrow’s greatest minds and their brilliant creations, and succeed when they succeed.” A token sale is scheduled to commence on July 16. Each Note is going to be sold for $0.12, and an $8 million cap on sales is going to be in place.

  • Algorand Blockstack smart contract language

    Algorand, Blockstack building smart contract language for $100 million deals

    The firms said the open-source Clarity project will help bring DeFi into the financial big time, replacing error-prone programming languages with one offering ‘mathematical certainty’ of how a smart contract will act

    Blockchain developer Algorand has joined forces with decentralized software firm Blockstack to develop a new smart contract language that will deliver the safety, security, and predictability demanded by developers working on high-stakes DeFi transactions that run into nine figures.

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