• Honeywell aircraft part blockchain

    Honeywell brings the complex aircraft parts business onto a blockchain

    The GoDirect Trade ledger turns finding the detailed provenance data paperwork required by the FAA from a days-long process into a matter of seconds

    Counting every rivet, the largest passenger airplane in production, the A380, has about four million parts. Now Honeywell’s aerospace division is working with Hyperledger Fabric to put them all on a blockchain.

  • Coronavirus hits darknet revenues

    Even drug dealers are hurting as coronavirus hits darknet revenues

    Blockchain intelligence firm Chainalysis finds bitcoin spending is dropping on darknet markets and gambling sites, but not legitimate merchants; crypto scammers are stepping up

    The pandemic's economic destruction is so bad that even retailers of what may be the most recession-proof product there is—illegal narcotics—are feeling the pinch as coronavirus hits darknet revenues.

  • Google monetizing yet another pair of eyeballs (photo by Gerd Altmann via Pixabay).
    Libra,  Technology

    Facebook, Google want to be your banker

    In separate announcements, Facebook unveiled a non-blockchain payments tool that could compete with Libra, and Google said it will offer consumer checking accounts

    The tech giants that already know everything about you, and now they want to be your banker, too. What could possibly go wrong?

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