• Bison Trails supports NEAR Protocol

    Bison Trails unveils support for Ethereum competitor NEAR Protocol

    The partnership’s goal is to provide developers the tools to build blockchain-based apps that are easier to use

    Consumer-friendly blockchain platform NEAR Protocol unveiled a key partnership today that it said will make it easier to build fast, decentralized apps offering predictable transaction fees.

  • Levey to lead Libra
    Cryptocurrencies,  People,  Politics

    Stuart Levey to lead Libra Association, comfort critics

    A top HSBC executive and Treasury Department official in charge of financial crimes and sanctions, a big part of the new CEO’s role is to reassure central bankers, regulators, and elected officials

    By hiring Stuart Levey the Facebook-founded Libra Association is announcing that compliance—with central bankers, financial regulators, tax authorities, and criminal and intelligence investigators—will be a prime driver as it moves forward.

  • DApp platform NEAR
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    Open Web DApp platform NEAR completion

    Andreessen Horowitz led a $21.6 million funding round for NEAR Protocol, a platform that allows decentralized applications to tokenize anything from game assets to stock certificates

    The funding round announced on May 4 will enable Switzerland-based NEAR to continue developing a platform that enables decentralized application builders to write, test, and deploy their DApps in a matter of minutes.

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    Andreessen Horowitz sets out bold vision for second crypto fund worth $515M

    Transforming archaic payment systems and changing the way creators monetize content appear to be the main things on a16z’s agenda

    Andreessen Horowitz announced today that it has managed to raise $515 million in order to launch its second crypto fund—substantially more than the $450 million it was reportedly aiming for back in mid-April.