• Ethereum 2.0 launches

    Finally, Ethereum 2.0 launches

    The preliminary stage of Ethereum’s long-delayed proof-of-stake blockchain has gone live, with the first block mined

    Ethereum has dominated DApps for years, but the old proof-of-work Ethereum blockchain suffers from significant scalability limitations that, paired with the ongoing decentralized finance craze, resulted in slow transaction processing and high—and sometimes ludicrous—fees for the users of the network. This has pushed more than a few smart contract developers to choose competing blockchains, sidechains, or second-layer scalability solutions.

  • Google monetizing yet another pair of eyeballs (photo by Gerd Altmann via Pixabay).
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    Facebook, Google want to be your banker

    In separate announcements, Facebook unveiled a non-blockchain payments tool that could compete with Libra, and Google said it will offer consumer checking accounts

    The tech giants that already know everything about you, and now they want to be your banker, too. What could possibly go wrong?

  • DJ D-Sol, who also goes by the name of David Solomon, moonlights as CEO of Goldman Sachs (via instagram.com/djsolmusic).
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    Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon says bank payments will be tokenized on a blockchain

    All major banks are looking at the potential of stablecoins

    The world’s banking payment system is going to be tokenized on a blockchain, according to the head of Goldman Sachs. In a discussion of Facebook’s new Libra cryptocurrency with the French news site Les Echo on June 28, Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon said he finds the “principle interesting” and the fifth-largest American bank, does “extensive research on the concept of tokenization.”