• DeFi AI derivatives trading

    DeFi platform adds artificial intelligence to derivatives trading

    The platform uses AI to allow its users to “mitigate risk while knowing in real-time the potential for returns” on both crypto and traditional derivatives

    According to a Sept. 8 announcement, DeFi firms Level01 technologies and AGDelta signed a partnership to allow artificial intelligence-guided derivatives trading on a DeFi platform. The financial derivatives in question would be based on both conventional and cryptocurrency assets.

  • New York, New York—a city so nice, they named it twice (via Pixabay).

    Blockchain technology will drive digital cities: Report

    A new study predicts four technologies, including AI, internet of things, and 5G will have a $721 billion impact on the 60 largest digital cities over a decade

    New York City is and will remain the digital capital of the world—and blockchain is one of the technologies that will get it there, according to a new report.

  • Somebody looking like they're coding something using some programming language (via Pixabay).

    Blockchain development booming, says Deloitte

    Their Open Source Compass tool aims to make open source software trends easy to follow

    Blockchain was among the fastest growing technologies—expanding by 11.3% even this past winter—according consulting giant Deloitte’s new project that tracks open source software development.