• CBInsights Fintech 250 snubs crypto
    Cryptocurrencies,  Media

    Just seven crypto companies make CBInsights’ Fintech 250

    It’s a disappointing showing for the booming crypto sector—but the usual suspects including Coinbase and Binance still have a place in the list

    Coinbase topped the Fintech 250 list released on Sept. 1 as the most-funded business in the crypto category. Given how rumors have been swirling of a potential stock market listing—potentially as early as this year—it’ll likely be one to watch.

  • Binance investor Weixing Chen sues

    Early Binance investor sues claiming shares undervalued

    Investor Weixing Chen claims the exchange is not offering a fair price for his shares

    Chen claims that the firm is only willing to provide a valuation equivalent to its one-year profit—$500 million to $1 billion—which he believes that this is a gross undervaluation of the company. The report cites U.S. crypto exchange Coinbase and its 2018 valuation of $8 billion as data that backs this idea.

  • Binance anti-crypto crime alliance

    Fed up with scams and hacks, Binance launches industry-wide alliance against crypto crime

    Binance, one of the world’s biggest exchanges, believes closer collaboration between exchanges, analytics firms, and cybersecurity experts can help reduce thefts and abuses

    In time, it is hoped that members of the alliance will be able to share and access real-time intelligence on hacks, scams and other malicious activity in private—meaning sensitive information concerning users and businesses doesn’t need to be shared with rivals. It’s hoped that there will be a better chance of safeguarding funds as a result.

  • Brave affiliate links
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    Misfortune favors the Brave: Browser’s affiliate links kick up a stink

    Brave has long promised that users can opt into ads, but affiliate links were being automatically added when users type some crypto sites into their address bar

    "You deserve a better Internet," according to the privacy-focused Brave browser. It has positioned itself as the bastion of what the web should look like—a place where users aren’t exploited for financial gain. But now, a bombshell has emerged.