• Cuban crypto bubble coming
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    Mark Cuban: BTC and ETH are like Amazon and EBay

    The billionaire darling of the dot-com era sees a shakeout coming to crypto just as it did to high-flying internet stocks 20 years ago, with few surviving

    Dot-com billionaire Mark Cuban said that while a few cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether will survive and thrive to become the new Amazons and EBays, most digital assets will burst with a crypto bubble.

  • Cramer sold bitcoin
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    Recent Bitcoin convert Jim Cramer: ‘I’m playing with the house’s money’

    With BTC’s price doubling in four weeks, the host of CNBC’s “Mad Money” said he sold enough bitcoin to make back his investment; will only jump back in at $20,000

    On Dec. 11, Cramer—talking about a dot-com bubble-like atmosphere in IPOs, not crypto, it should be noted—said "When you have these 50-60% gains in a week or 100% gains over three weeks, check out. Let someone else make the next 100%."

  • markets report bitcoin price
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    Markets Report: Bitcoin plummets, testing $30,000 support as 3-day losses pass 25%

    A mixture of relief and resignation among traders comes as Bitcoin draws a line under its parabolic advance

    Unlike previous weekends, this one was all about losses, not gains for Bitcoin. After hitting all-time highs of exactly $42,000 on Bitstamp, a reversal came but was initially slow to kick in. It was not until Sunday that the downwards pace began to accelerate, with BTC/USD dropping by almost $6,000 in 12 hours. A brief bounce failed to stem the retreat, and the pair continued falling into Monday, bottoming out at $30,700.