• Venezuela centralizes bitcoin mining
    Bitcoin,  Politics

    Venezuela centralizes bitcoin mining

    A new decree by the economically devastated country would force all Bitcoin miners into a national pool, with mining rewards distributed by the government

    The Venezuelan government’s ideology of centralized control of the economy has led to its collapse into hyperinflation. Now Nicolas Maduro’s regime is bringing that philosophy to the decentralized world of Bitcoin mining.

  • Dorsey launches Crypto Open Patent Alliance
    Cryptocurrencies,  Technology

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey launches ‘Crypto Open Patent Alliance’

    Dorsey’s Square payments firm is putting all of its cryptocurrency patents into a shared open library, hoping to attract others to the fight against patent trolls

    According to Square Crypto, “there is growing concern that ‘patent lockup’ could stifle innovation and adoption from bitcoin to the most obscure cryptocurrency.”

  • Just Eat France accepts Bitcoin

    Sacré bleu! Just Eat France now accepts Bitcoin

    It’s great news for mainstream adoption, but those with long memories will remember the fate of the guy who paid 10,000 BTC for two pizza pies

    Just Eat, one of the world’s biggest online food delivery platforms, has begun supporting BTC in the country thanks to a partnership with the crypto payment processor BitPay. This means that Bitcoin can now be used to order dishes at 15,000 restaurants across the country—and it could create a newfound hunger for crypto in the country of 67 million.

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