• Bithumb pay for lost bitcoin

    Bithumb to compensate users for lost bitcoin, but at 10% of current price

    fter a link on the leading South Korean cryptocurrency exchange sent bitcoin to the wrong address when withdrawn, a court ruled that it has to repay users in won, not bitcoins

    the Seoul Central District Court ruled that Bithumb will have to reimburse about 1.1 billion won—nearly $1 million—to the users damaged by the bug. But, they will not be compensated at bitcoin’s current price, which is more than 10 times what it was when the users’ bitcoins were lost.

  • Huobi purchase Bitflyer bithumb
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    Is China’s top crypto exchange Huobi looking to acquire South Korea’s and Japan’s top exchanges?

    A reporter suggests that Huobi is willing to acquire Japan’s largest exchange Bitflyer and Korea’s largest exchange Bithumb, but an investigation has put the deals on hold

    The acquisition of the two competitors would make Huobi one of the most powerful firms in crypto, considering that according to CoinMarketCap data Huobi is already the second most liquid cryptocurrency spot exchange. Bitflyer, on the other hand, is the seventh, and Bithumb the fifth.

  • BitThumb DeFi Binance Smart Chain

    Crypto exchange Bithumb to support DeFi projects on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain

    The exchange plans to launch derivatives, staking, initial project announcements and user airdrops, and multi-regional marketing efforts on its competitor’s smart contract-enabled blockchain

    Binance seems to be hell-bent on making sure that its newest blockchain will see lots of decentralized app development—and most importantly—that it wins a healthy slice of the DeFi craze.

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    CryptoCompare starts ranking good, bad, and ugly exchanges

    Top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges announced after grading after the data and indices provider studied more than 100 trading platforms worldwide

    Calling the cryptocurrency trading business ripe with fraud and manipulation, cryptocurrency data and indices provider CryptoCompare has begun rating the reliability of exchanges.