• chipmaker chokes off crypto miners
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    Top chipmaker chokes off crypto miners

    Taiwan’s TSMC is limiting the number of chips it will supply to mining hardware producers because of extreme swings in demand

    Bitmain was reportedly one of TSMC’s main customers two years ago, but then cut its orders significantly when the crypto bear market started. Now, TSMC is met with high demand for silicon to be used in cryptocurrency mining operations again, due to the ongoing crypto asset bull market. Still, the silicon manufacturer is said to be prioritizing stable demand from smartphone makers over crypto mining hardware manufacturers.

  • Marathon buys 70000 bitcoin miners
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    U.S. firm buys 70,000 Bitcoin miners for $170 million

    The order by crypto miner Marathon Patent Group is reportedly the largest order in dollar terms ever received by leading mining ASIC producer Bitmain

    Following the delivery of the order of the application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) mining rigs, Marathon Patent Group will reportedly control over 103,000 miners capable of producing 10.36 exahertz (EH/s).

  • DMG energy export license
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    U.S. grants energy export license to crypto mining firm DMG

    The license from the Department of Energy will allow the Canadian firm to mine crypto more profitably, cut into China’s mining dominance

    According to an announcement, DMG Blockchain Solutions will leverage the license to acquire the cheapest electrical energy from within the U.S. and Canada to power its mining and computing efforts.

  • Crypto funding shifting from US to China

    Go East: Crypto funding shifting from US to China, report says

    In 2015, just 2% of cryptocurrency and blockchain deals were for Chinese companies. Fast forward four years to 2019, and the figure soared to 22%

    In it Blockchain Report 2020, CBInsights said 51% of deals in the industry were for US-based companies four years ago, while only 2% was earmarked for Chinese businesses. According to the latest figures, China’s share of deals is 22% in 2019, while America’s share dwindled to just 31%.