• BMW loyalty program

    BMW launches blockchain-based reward program in South Korea

    The German automaker will use a blockchain to host the loyalty points it will use to reward its customers and the BMW community

    Rewards that BMW Vantage members will be able to get include discounts on vehicle maintenance or services provided by the firm’s partner companies. Furthermore, high-tier members could also receive invitations to cultural events that BMW organizes.

  • Chinese tech giant Baidu has launched The Matrix, er, the Xuperchain blockchain (via Baidu).

    Chinese search giant Baidu launches Xuperchain blockchain

    At about one-seventh the cost of competing blockchain-as-a-services platforms, the goal is to make it easier for small companies to launch DApps

    Baidu Xuperchain is a “blockchain basic service” for small- to medium-size businesses that want to quickly and easily deploy DApps and use smart contracts. It also supports President Xi Jinping's October call to make China the world leader in blockchain.